Skate park

the skate park is open and I'm ready to post some videos of me and my friends there. I ride scooter and bike, but my friends mark, Liam, and atreu ride bikes, but mark just got a new ripstick so that will be fun. leave a comment and tell us what you want to see. at the park there is only a bowl, two slopes, a dirt jump, a half of a half pipe, and a small grind rail, so comment and I'll get some videos in.

Lego guns

If you want guns for your Lego mini figures don't try to make them on your own, go to and you can buy custom guns from them. At this moment there shopping cart is down so go to their retailer and click on Brick arms and your there. but, I ordered $5.00 worth of guns and they charged me $5.00 shipping and handling. (only toywiz did that, I've never ordered from brick arms.


Go to and type in Free Rider 2, go to the one that says and click on it and pick a track and play its really cool (When you get to a track click on the track window and hit enter (ENTER=Restart UP=Go DOWN=Brake LEFT=Lean back RIGHT=lean forward B=Bail Z=Turn Around and P=Pause.)

Look at my fish!

Lego tutorial

If you would like to see more Lego tutorials just click on the title of this post and scroll to leave a comment. (I know its messed up.) And I'll build it if I can and post it in about a week (It takes me awhile.) Or just say the quality you want it so it could come faster. also if I have it already built I'll get it posted a day or two after I see the comment. And the reason I'm not posting that often is because of middle school and projects and stuff.

Civil Air Patrol

Do you or somebody you know want to join the Air force and is to young or wants to be in the military without being shipped off to Iraq? Well there's this civilian non-profit organization called Civil Air Patrol, Its the Air force auxiliary, that means we are only air force when were on missions but that's besides the point. We do flight training and learning activities like aerospace education, character development, and safety briefs. I'm in this and i've found to like it.

We fly planes like this. This is a small Cessna 172

I'm so sorry.

The reason I have not been posting is because a kid at school hit my head off the stairs above.
I ended up having to go to the hospital, then CMMC for plastic surgery.
I'm doing good now and my stitches are dissolving. This is me the night after surgery.
That's me and Sadie my somewhat of a puppy. The kid did get suspended, and everyone at school on Monday were asking so many questions.

For a hint on my next posts ill be showing you how to build a Lego gun, and about my trip to Connecticut to see the New England air museum.

Some times school can be fun...

In my school for the past week we have been doing rollerbladeing in gym. Turns out i'm pretty good, if i say so myself... and i do. but sometimes I lose control and find out how hard a wall or floor is.